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  1. Basic Second Life skills for Fashionistas for Dummies

1. Basic Second Life skills for Fashionistas for Dummies

No fashion-aware person/furson/entity would be satisfied to leave ill-fitting prims where they appear on their body. Yet there are so many fashionistas that have prim clothing items sticking out of their body at the most impossible angles or places.
I blame an insufficient knowledge of the different tools and shortcuts that are available to you for it. Some people just don't take the time to explore the possibilities they are given. They need it presented on a silver platter. Well, read on if you're one of those, or if you're just curious, because here's ...

The Silver Platter

  1. Viewer Menu Items
    1. Important Menus
      1. Advanced Menu
      2. Build Menu
    2. ...
  2. Important Tools and their Shortcuts
    1. Tools
    2. Shortcuts
1.Viewer Menu Items
1.1 Important Menus
1.1.1 Advanced Menu
The "Advanced" menu is probably one of the most useful menus you can find. There are all kinds of interesting settings you can play with. But be warned. These may be confusing at first! If you don't see the "Advanced Menu", don't panic. There is a short cut that will toggle it. Just hit the Ctrl+Alt+d keys and presto!
What you want to do now is set "Camera constraints" to off. This will allow you to zoom out further. And zoom in closer. Both will be invaluable in the future.
1.1.2 Build Menu
The "Build" menu will become your most used menu if you want to look good, and not like some newbie with various items slapped on without any further thought. Not that I have anything against newbies. Because I don't. I used to be one when I was a day old. :p

2. Important Tools and their Shortcuts
2.1 Tools
2.2 Shortcuts