About Honey

Vital Statistics

Second Life name : Ritsuka Omizu
Real Life name : Yeah. Right.
Second Life gender : Male.
Real Life gender : Male.
Second Life age : Certified Legal Aged. Some would argue I'm ehm "ripe". Others might say I never got out of puberty.
Real Life gender : Male, what else? Honey doesn't lie about his peepee.
Second Life sexual preference: Mostly gay. Maybe with a splash of furry. Doesn't mean I won't cuddle 'n snuggle with a girl though.
Real Life sexual preference : Yes.
Second Life race: Elf. Neko. Nezumi. Faun.Anything I can make cute and get away with.
Real Life race: I don't care for "races", but, if you really must know: bred and born in Northern Europe.

The World According to Honey Dew

I'm a femboy in Second Life, where you can find me ... or better: might bounce into me, somewhere, since I don't have a place I hang out every day. I keep try to keep Real Life and Second Life strictly separated, or at least as much as possible. Even so, since it is me, the RL human, behind the SL elf there is bound" to be some blending and blurring, where the SL "me" inherits certain traits or interests from the RL "me". So, in short, "interests" and "favorites" in my profile are most likely RL things. Maybe. ;)