Monday, December 05, 2011

Honey's Vocabularium

This list contains a number of words used in this blog.
They may be words I made up, or words I found elsewhere. Or someone might have suggested them to me.
In any case they usually describe some things in a sometimes rather graphic manner.

  • Mellon Butt: Seen from behind, a female with a rear end that resembles the shape of one of those large water mellons: Wide and huge. Should have a sign tacked to it saying: "wide load"
  • Silly Cone Udders: Also known as SCUds. Mammaries that make La Cicciolina and Dolly P run to their plastic surgeons and ask for a refund.
  • n00b: Duh! If you don't know this one, you, most probably, still are one.
  • Fug: Yes, stole this one from "What the fug?". Acronym of "fucking ugly".
  • Troll: Avatar whose ugliness is beyond fug.
  • Fug Troll: The fug troll even shames the troll in fugliness.
  • ...

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