Friday, January 20, 2012

The New and Improved MENstuff/WOMENstuff Lounge

People, this is straight from the press!

While I’m there looking around I’m writing this blog.
Ivy Maverick, owner of Maverick Designs, has done it again!
She has rebuilt the MENstuff & WOMENstuff Lounge and the results are stunning.

To sum it up I have only these words: Cozy, modern, bright, and finally but certainly not the least: home.
Yes, I have found my spot. I’m standing right in front of it, next to Ivy herself! Ocean view on one side and a perfect view of the inside of the lounge where (hopefully) lots of handsome guys will strut their stuff.
Mmmmhmmmm! Now the only thing that’s needed is George bringing me some Ristretto.

The layout has improved very much, I must say. It is now much easier to get from department to department.

As always Ivy has an impeccable taste and style. Wish she was a RL designer living near me. I know who I would hire to do a home make over!

As Ivy’s still building, please don’t mind some clutter here and there in the pictures. I’m sure the cleaning team will get everything neat and shiny before the Grand Opening! Until then you’ll have to do with some pictures as a sneak preview. Oh, and don’t ask me for the LM. I didn’t take one so I can’t be tempted or black mailed into giving it.

Good Luck, Ivy and MENstuff/WOMENstuff team with the new and muchly improved Lounge!

(And those boots and wig you see floating about? That’s Keeper Dover.)


Rits & Ivy_001Rits & Ivy_002Rits & Ivy_003Rits & Ivy_004Rits & Ivy_005

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