Saturday, December 10, 2011

Outfit # 003 - Monterray by Journey McLagley of Prism Clothing Designs - Black and White

Here we go, the first outfit from Prism Clothing Designs by Journey McLagley.
This is a wonderful design, meant for females but it works perfectly for feminine, flat chested boys with a male shape base too! Which is a fairly rare thing.
As mentioned in my previous post, Journey is willing to do a seperate version of her designs which most likely will be called "for femboys". Keep watching my blog people!
And now for something completely different: the outfit!

(Pardon the Monty Python expression. I've been accused of being a fan.)

There are barely no "boob shadows" to be seen, which means that, for a feminine boy, they show as normal, slightly developped pecs. The cut-out part emphasizes the chest, showing off a cleavage if worn by a female, I imagine.
The pants come with roll-up prims and see-through prims that make you think of harem pants. Sexy! Oh, and let's not forget the matching scarf. For those days when it's a bit colder. Or to cover up a lover's "marks".
Texture wise it's all thumbs up again: delicate, feminine and absolutely not cheesy or overdone. The version I'm wearing in the pictures is not for sale in the shop. Journey is an expert at choosing color schemes and patterns. The available versions are as wonderfull as this "black and white" version, which can be found for free at the Venice shop. Slurl below. I still need your attention for a few moments.

Journey really has done a wonderful job.

You can find Prism Clothing Designs here!

Since pictures say more than words you really should judge for yourself.

Slurl for the free Monterray Black and White outfit here.

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