Thursday, January 19, 2012

Manly man outfits for femboys #1

So what fine mess have I gotten myself into this time. Well, none, really.
Making manly male fashion work for your femboy avatar is actually pretty simple. And difficult at the same time. Simple because you do not have to worry about silly things like boob shades. Difficult because you have so many things to seek through.

If only 20 percent of all the items available online in Second Life are male apparel the you'd have a hell of a job sifting through it all. Of course, you can hit the Marketplace and go through that, put up with the annoying bits like merchants putting tag words in that are completely irrelevant to the items they are offering and, if you're like me, sorting through page after page of demos because you like to sort on price, low to high. (Hey, fashion is expensive, even on Second Life. I'm always up for a good grab if I can get one.)
There are a lot of good designers putting their things on Market place. I'm the first to admit that. But Market place is also flooded with old things. Usually given up by the original creator as freebies, then ripped and sold to innocent, ignorant newbies. Most of these things can be found online in various places that offer them as what they are: freebies. Good enough to "pimp up" your newbie avatar or for alts that have limited usage personally or in role playing.
The real deal is to find those hidden treasure that are not on Marketplace. Or to get those results you were hoping for while browsing through Marketplace.
Here are some tips to find the real treasures.
Do hunts. Follow through when you start a hunt. Do not restrict yourself to those places you *think* might have an interesting item. You may yet find a gem amongst the ones you might initially have discarded.
Take for example The Manhunt November 2011 Hunt.
When looking at the picture that came with one of the gifts I first thought. Nah. Not gonna work. Too macho. But even Honey can be surprised sometimes.
It seems that these days, unbuttoned and half buttoned up shirts are the thing to wear for the manly man.
Don't let that fool you. They can look extremely sexy and androgyne on a well made femboy avatar. Look at me in one of PEER's pants, half buttoned shirt and vest. May not look very girly, but hey, androgyny can be sexy as hell. Want to look more girly? Just put on some discreet make up. Nothing much though. You don't want to risk looking like a harlot now, do you? There we go.. a feminine touch and a manly outfit. Perfect to seduce the guys that aren't into skirts but do like their boys to be effeminate. Wasn't that hard to do now, was it?
What to look for when you're going through those thousands of shops and outfits. Well, to tell you the truth, I can't tell you. You will have to rely on your gut feeling a little. Do try demos if they're free, or if you don't mind spending 1L$ if it really looks promising. Check out the item carefully.
Here's what I do. First I take care to observe the quality of the textures in the shop in-world. Creators that have sloppy looking shops usually tend to create sloppy looking things too. Exceptions are those that buy a really nice shop online and still sell crap. Those are the really lazy ones. And of course there are the really good designers that just don't care much about the look of their shop.
Secondly I check the image in the vendor(s) really closely. What goes for the shop goes for the vendor picture. Sloppy, jaggy pictures are a warning. Great looking ones are a good sign. BUT BEWARE OF "PHOTOSHOPPERS". Good looking could mean the designer used Photoshop, or similar programs. Does it mean they're trying to fool you into believing the product looks better than it actually does? Well.. they could. Who knows. You'll just have to take the risk and find out.
Thirdly, try to see if anyone in the neighborhood is buying something and trying it out. You then have a chance to look at the product itself. Got a really good computer that has a premium graphics card with oodles of power? Set your settings to maximum if you dare and then check the outfit out.
Step four: check for freebies. These often give a good idea what the creator is capable off if they contain one of his or her own creations. The same thing with Midnight Boards or Lucky Chairs that contain the owner's own creations. If they're good then you know you get your L$ worth. Don't worry about the freebie not being useable by your favorite femboy (you?). We're only checking quality here.
Hint for designers: good looking freebies will draw loyal customers. I'm an A:S:S fan myself.. And I do mean the shop.. yeah, well, I like the other kind of ass too. So sue me. Anyway, I became an A:S:S fan because Photos put out some things I needed urgently but didn't have the L$ for to buy. I now own half of the pants he designed I think. And several outfits and Jackets and tees. Well spent money too if you ask me.
Another way to look for good designers is to look at people. Like what you see? IM them and ask where they got the item of your interest from. Don't be shy. Just be polite and type in normal English. Txt speak is NOT for us femboys. So U can stick it up ur A:S:S.. uhm.. pun intended. Besides, some people might not reply simply because of txt speak being sometimes unreadable.
I think this concludes a rather lengthy post. Let's see how far you get! IM me or send me a notecard with some details and a pic. Who know? Maybe you'll make it as a Honey Dew model?

pictures will be added later! I really had to post this first.

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