Thursday, December 08, 2011

Femboys aka Girlie (Girly) Boys

No post yesterday. Hey, it's a blog, not a journal! But let's get started!

On the subject of femboys or girlie boys there is a lot that can be said.
Some like them, others hate them. Whatever floats your boat.
One thing you cannot deny is that a femboy is a male that looks feminine.
Not just androgynous but distinctly feminine. Not female but definitively feminine.
The general mistakes that people make can be summed up quite easily:

Interpreting "femboy" as :
  • a girl with boyish traits
  • a boy who looks completely like a girl, including breasts
  • as point two but with female genetalia instead of male genetalia (Honey says: "Duh! Those are REAL girls, Dude!")
  • ...

Assuming that femboys are:
  • always homosexual (Honey says, "I'm gay in more than one way! Live with it, Dude!")
  • sluts, subs/slaves, bottoms, subhuman and have no feelings
  • easy to get in their pants
  • cum dumps
  • mentally screwed up (Honey says: "Duh, Dude! Everybody knows I'm insane in the brain!")
  • sexually confused and desiring of a sex change operation!
  • ...

How to "classify" femboys then?

Well, take your general hetero/bi/gay male and just add the feminine looks (and sometimes body language, voice pitch and what-you-have-more) and you're about done.

Everything else is perfectly possible. Goth femboys, emo femboys, femboy next door, steam punk femboys, yuppy femboys, country femboys, cyber femboys, fairy femboys, slutty femboys, furry femboys, ...

We femboys like being what we are: Boys. With peepees.

We like wearing girly clothes because... well... because we can <insert f-word here for added weight> pull it off and because we like feeling pretty.

We don't want sex change operations. We're no female minds locked up in the wrong bodies.

On a lighter note, we usually don't care if others think us to be weirdos or freaks of nature. On the whole femboys are more mature than that and tend to ignore the less intelligent morons we encounter. We're just a gay bunch! [Pun intended]

RL girly boy/femboy links:

Femboys are not the following :

  • Manly men in dresses (This can be very yummy!)
  • Merry men in tights (As Worf so aptly put it: "I am NOT a merry man!")
  • Badly shaved travestites who have never heard of leg waxing (Oh please! Disgusting. Especially when they refer to themselves as "girls"!)
  • The Full Monty type of working class guys who're doing it for the fun of it and to make some money (More power to them!)
  • ...

Sooooo... I think we're done for now.

See you next time, when Doctor Bob says......


  1. -sigh- I wish i had the face to pull off a femboy...

    1. If you mean in SL then IM me and we'll see what we can do!
      RL I can't help you, sadly enough.

    2. But that's the beauty of it you don't have to have a certain look to do it you just have to be you if it's what you wanna do than do it


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