Monday, December 19, 2011

Off the Statistics Page

Here are some numbers I pulled off the statistics page.

364 Visitors to date!

Woot! 364 visitors today. Having started a mere two weeks ago that gives 26 visitors daily. That's more than one per hour!! Let's hope this trend keeps up folks! So tell your friends, family, pets, enemies and above all: Keep coming back!

And yeah, before I forget: thank you!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Outfit # 006 - Belissima by Journey McLanglen of Prism Clothing Designs - Black Velvet

This sixth outfit continues where we left off with outfit # 005: at the classy part of the my wardrobe.
Again a complete by Prism Clothing Designs' owner Journey Mclaglen, this gala dress is something no self-respecting femboy should be without..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outfit # 005 - Denise by Journey McLaglen from Prism Clothing Designs & Designer of the Month December 2011

Another blog about a set by Prism Clothing Designs' owner Journey McLaglen?

Yes. This is after all a blog about femboys and the girl's clothes they can pull off to wear in Second Life. (That sounds more awkward than it is, really. But you gather what I meant to say.)

Journey just happens to make quite a lot that is wearable out of the box and not look redicilous on a male shape base.

That and the fact that I still have a few outfits by her hand in my inventory. So I decided to do a series of blogs about her and name her the "Designer of the Month - December 2011". There. How's that for starters today? Two weeks of blogging and already handing out an (unofficial) reward. Maybe I should have someone make a sculpty? (Any takers? Drop me a notecard please!)

Anyway, this is a fashion blog so let's get busy with the fashion part!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Feet # 01 - Prim vs standard

You'll have to agree with me: SL's standard avatar feet look fug. There is hope though, as designers all over SL are making prim feet in various degrees of quality.. and price.
From basic, non-scripted, multi-sculpt to HUD-driven, mesh. The choice is yours.

Of course, not everybody has unlimited funds and not everybody is running a mesh-capable viewer. So what to choose. Again, this is something I can't decide for you. But what I can do is review those that I know. For now, all I can blog about is Frodo Siegel's footsies.

Outfit # 004 - Gabrielle Argyle by Journey McLagley of Prism Clothing Designs

This particular outfit shows how designers can be either wrong, or completely right.
Journey McLagley seems to be one of those designers that have endless inspiration, combined with good technique and a perfect sense of color schemes.
Again this is a design for female shape bases that works perfectly for male shape based femboy avatars. This is due to the fact of the knit fabric and the Argyle style pattern. The other available sweaters may or may not be as good for femboys, depending on their shape/shape base but they altogether look as good as the Argyle version and should be perfect for female avatars. However.... Journey is quite interested in doing separate versions for femboys (as stated before in previous posts) so we probably can expect versions for the flat chested community. Hooray!
Now let's look at the outfit, shall we?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Outfit # 003 - Monterray by Journey McLagley of Prism Clothing Designs - Black and White

Here we go, the first outfit from Prism Clothing Designs by Journey McLagley.
This is a wonderful design, meant for females but it works perfectly for feminine, flat chested boys with a male shape base too! Which is a fairly rare thing.
As mentioned in my previous post, Journey is willing to do a seperate version of her designs which most likely will be called "for femboys". Keep watching my blog people!
And now for something completely different: the outfit!

Prism Clothing Designs for Femboys!

Sound the alarm horns! Call your femboy friends!

There is a shop that does like femboys. Journey McLaglen, owner and designer has shown an interest in doing a seperate line for femboys. Or rather, a seperate version of her designs, adapted to the needs of femboys!

Keep watching this blog as I will be doing a series of articles about Prism's excellent quality stuff.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Skin problems? Doctor Dew comes to the rescue!

Though being one of the key components of your avatar, and hence of how your avatar looks, skins are often overlooked and forgotten for lengthy periods of time.

A decent skin used to cost hundreds or even a few thousand of Linden Dollars (L$). The really good ones were even more expensive, from 4.000 or 5.000 L$ and upwards. Until they got ripped (stolen, using bugs or features of graphics cards).

Nowadays a good beginner's skin can be had for a few hundred L$. A decent one for a few hundred more. And really good one can already be found for under 2.000 L$.

Femboys aka Girlie (Girly) Boys

No post yesterday. Hey, it's a blog, not a journal! But let's get started!

On the subject of femboys or girlie boys there is a lot that can be said.
Some like them, others hate them. Whatever floats your boat.
One thing you cannot deny is that a femboy is a male that looks feminine.
Not just androgynous but distinctly feminine. Not female but definitively feminine.
The general mistakes that people make can be summed up quite easily:

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Outfit #002 - Menstuff hunt gifts, part 2

Here we go again, another outfit put together with things found in the Menstuff Hunt November 2011 gifts.

About fug...

The worst thing you can see on Second Life is a Fug Troll. :-p
Granted, not everybody is as quick mastering the fine details about SL, the viewer they use or the basic ideas of 3D. (Some of the people I know did learn within hours. Others are still learning after a year.) But I think you could be expected, having been on Second Life for a full year, to have at least managed to go beyond the typical "n00b" look, albeit by having it done yourself or having had help of some kind. Or simply having bought a decent skin and shape.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Outfit #001 - Menstuff Hunt November 2011 gift #03 - Subversion's Houndstooth outfit

This is a wonderful example of the owner of Subversion's talent. And completely free if you do (or did) the Menstuff Hunt. Which I'm glad I did. Being skint a lot of the time (too much shopping!), hunts are a good source of good clothes. It's good advertisement too, because you're most likely inclined to go visit the shop afterwards, to have a good look. If you're like me you'll also be spending money there... if you're not skint. :p Thanks Prynce!

Honey's Vocabularium

This list contains a number of words used in this blog.
They may be words I made up, or words I found elsewhere. Or someone might have suggested them to me.
In any case they usually describe some things in a sometimes rather graphic manner.