Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outfit # 005 - Denise by Journey McLaglen from Prism Clothing Designs & Designer of the Month December 2011

Another blog about a set by Prism Clothing Designs' owner Journey McLaglen?

Yes. This is after all a blog about femboys and the girl's clothes they can pull off to wear in Second Life. (That sounds more awkward than it is, really. But you gather what I meant to say.)

Journey just happens to make quite a lot that is wearable out of the box and not look redicilous on a male shape base.

That and the fact that I still have a few outfits by her hand in my inventory. So I decided to do a series of blogs about her and name her the "Designer of the Month - December 2011". There. How's that for starters today? Two weeks of blogging and already handing out an (unofficial) reward. Maybe I should have someone make a sculpty? (Any takers? Drop me a notecard please!)

Anyway, this is a fashion blog so let's get busy with the fashion part!

Today's outfit is an elegant, three piece, classy-yet-sexy, pin-stripes-and-leather combination.
And boy does it make my butt look sexy! Never thought I'd say that about a pixel butt. And never thought I'd say that about -MY- pixel butt.

Anyway, the pin stripe pants consist of a pants layer, obviously, and two scripted prims worn on the lower leg.
The second part is a red, velvet/brocade sort of texture style, very low cut (at least for a femboy like me) sexy, red shirt. The cut is actually quite deep, on the edge of being too deep for the flatchested community. But as usual Journey seems to have a kind of empathy or seventh sense about this kind of stuff. I -can- pull it off. And if I can, then you can too.
The third part is a "leather" jacket, consisting of the jacket layer, an optional gloves layer, and a scripted body prim. (Same handy-dandy sizing script as the pants.)
The complete outfit looks, thanks to Journey's excellent taste in textures, like something you would expect in one of the fancier shops or even in a RL women's clothing catalogue. But see for yourself.

Remark: The shoes are NOT part of the outfit. In fact, they are no longer available. SUSS (She's So Unusual Shoes) has stopped business all together. A sad thing for males who like to wear high heels (They exist!) and certainly for us femboys with a male shape base as SUSS were the only ones I have found to date that had a (small) selection of high heels for us guys. Let's just hope either SUSS's owner starts a new business or someone decides to jump on this hole in the market. Actually, this may be the stuff for another rant. Hmmmm.

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