Sunday, December 11, 2011

Outfit # 004 - Gabrielle Argyle by Journey McLagley of Prism Clothing Designs

This particular outfit shows how designers can be either wrong, or completely right.
Journey McLagley seems to be one of those designers that have endless inspiration, combined with good technique and a perfect sense of color schemes.
Again this is a design for female shape bases that works perfectly for male shape based femboy avatars. This is due to the fact of the knit fabric and the Argyle style pattern. The other available sweaters may or may not be as good for femboys, depending on their shape/shape base but they altogether look as good as the Argyle version and should be perfect for female avatars. However.... Journey is quite interested in doing separate versions for femboys (as stated before in previous posts) so we probably can expect versions for the flat chested community. Hooray!
Now let's look at the outfit, shall we?

What we basically have here is a two part outfit: pants and sweater. But the sweater (Thank you Journey!) comes in two versions. So actually you get two outfits in one. One version, long, with turtle neck, covering the upper body completely, for those cold winter days. And one version, a top with V-shaped collar to show off your tummy, for those not-so-cold winter days.
Unlike many other tops this piece covers up your boobs nicely, girls. Which is important if you venture out beyond mature and adult sims, into the PG areas. What will interest the femboy community more is that, like the previous outfit by Journey I blogged about, boob shadows are minimal. Again this works in our advantage as this sweater doesn't look silly on male shape based avatars.
The last part of this outfit are the pants. Light brown wool checkered with darker leather insets on the inside leg. Nothing a hetero hunky male would probably put on but... it works wonderfully well for a femboy. At least I think I pull it off nicely. (Or rather put it on. :-) )
Journey really knows how to make pants show off your perky little behinds, kids!

Since pictures can say more than words, here's a few!

Journey, being the great designer that she is, makes her stuff mix-'n-match. Here you can see me shopping at her main shop, wearing the top combined with the PEER gift jeans from the Menstuff Hunt of November 2011.


  1. My bad! I forgot to set comments unrestricted.
    Here's what Journey McLaglen IMed me today:

    [09:04] Journey McLaglen: I tried to post but it is restricted by I did join and will follow
    [09:04] Journey McLaglen: here was the post I made for you: Thank you Honeydew for introducing me to a community of people who are very deserving of clothing that takes them into consideration! <3 Journey

  2. And thank you, Journey, you deserve the recognition. I am sure many femboys will agree with me. <3


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