Sunday, December 11, 2011

Feet # 01 - Prim vs standard

You'll have to agree with me: SL's standard avatar feet look fug. There is hope though, as designers all over SL are making prim feet in various degrees of quality.. and price.
From basic, non-scripted, multi-sculpt to HUD-driven, mesh. The choice is yours.

Of course, not everybody has unlimited funds and not everybody is running a mesh-capable viewer. So what to choose. Again, this is something I can't decide for you. But what I can do is review those that I know. For now, all I can blog about is Frodo Siegel's footsies.

Frodo is quite a different designer. Most of his works are 3D pictures of twinky, well endowed guys. He also has a collection of clothing, for the twinky population among us. Several articles could be useful for us femboys, should the need arise to wear something more... ahm, revealing and boyish.

But we are discussing Frodo's feet.
You'll be getting quite a good package for the price. (120L$ isn't going to bust the bank, really.) Just have a look at the texture of his vendor box.

Scripted resize, hud-driven color adjustment, anklets that can be hidden. All features you'd expect to cost quite a bit more. Are there better feet around? Probably. But at this price you're most likely not going to find anything better. Au contraire: the quality you're getting will probably cost you over 500L$ elsewhere. Prove me wrong! And yes, I'm wearing Frodo's footsies! *wiggles his primmy toes in the sand of the beach*

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